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Are you looking for a DJ that will take your wedding party to the next level with his experience and music expertise? Are you looking for the DJ that will NOT play the same music that you heard last week and the week before in other wedding that you were invited? Finally, are you looking to hear something new in your wedding from a professional Wedding DJ and not an amateur one that just got into the business after playing at home? We will be glad to cooperate with you and give us the ability to make your wedding day unforgettable both foy you and your special guests!

Why choose Wedding DJ?

  •  Because we have already handled hundreds of weddings in top wedding party destinations like the Greek Islands
  •  Because our team consists of the best professional DJs
  •  Because our sound and light equipment is high-end
  •  Because our staff is specially trained to install the needed equipment and create our special effects
  •  Because we totally understand your needs based on our huge experience in weddings and wedding parties
  •  Beacuase we offer spectacular solutions and ideas for the decoration of your wedding
  •  For our up-to-date playlists with all the latest hits
  •  For the cost and quality of services that will truly get you your money's worth

We are absolutely sure that:

  •  We have the way to keep all of your guests entertained throughout the night based on your music preferences
  •  You will be impressed by our spectacular special effects and our carefully selected lighting services
  •  Our sound equipment is of high quality guaranteeing you that the music in your party will be always perfect
  •  Our music selections will not be dull or boring
  • We always adapt to your guests’ mood and likings
  •  You will be relieved of the stress to organize the sound coverage
  •  • Our communication, even from a great distance, will be always impeccable

Your questions…

1I am planning my wedding in Mykonos. Can you handle the wedding party?
Our company specializes in sound and lighting coverage for destination weddings, and this is the reason why we contract dozens of ceremonies & parties in hot destinations such as Mykonos, Santorini, Sifnos Island, Pelion and many more…
2What is your capacity?
There is absolutely no limit on your guests,as we adapt our equipments based on your needs as wells as the number of your guests. Wedding DJ is able to handle every volume of guests for your party!
3Is there a standard playlist?
There is no standard playlist as there are many age groups among your guests along with the preferences of every client. Guests in most cases may vary from 18 years old to 70 years old. Ourmain goal is for everybody to have a good time keeping always in mind the couple’s preferences. The key element of Wedding DJ parties is that we try to blend modern music sounds with traditional Greek music, when this is necessary. We are far beyond the classic approach of most wedding DJs in Athens, giving a unique live DJ set experience to our clients with Real Time Professional Mixing.
1How long before the wedding do I have to get in touch with you?
For dates with high demand such as Saturday nights from mid-June till the end of July and from the end of August till the end of September, it will be the best for you to contact us as early as one year beforehand. For the rest of the dates, such as Fridays and Sundays, we advise you to cntact us 5 to 6 months earlier.
2How longdoes the music coverage lasts?
The sound coverage for a wedding party, including the buffet music, can last up to 7 to 8 hours. You can realize that this is a totally challenging shift for a DJ that needs to be quick, with shift changes in tracks and adjustments. In many parties, it may last for up to 10 hours, but it is advised that the client should have decided before the wedding, if the party is going to last over 8 hours, so that 2 DJs will be on site.
3What is your fee?
Our fee is always based on our clients’ preferences and the benefits the couple is going to choose. We offer competitive prices and try to offer the best services for your money’s worth. Our moto is “Value-for-money”
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-20
    Thisseas Kalampalikis
    Each time he surpasses himself and pleasantly surprises us! Once you hear him you won! Anyone who wants recommendations can send me to the inbox!
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-19
    Vinia Dakari - Thomadakis Vaggelis( Elies Resort Sifnos )
    George is excellent at work because he just loves it !!! He works consistently and with inspiration, constantly communicates with the world, catches the pulse and adapts music to all tastes. That's what we and all our friends worshiped that evening in Sifnos. George, thank you for the unforgettable wedding party and for the magical memories that will accompany us a whole life !!
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-18
    Stelios Plastiras
    We chose George because we liked the way he showed us and then showed us that our wedding party would be perfect! Everything was right and as we agreed. Together with Nikos Carino (dj) the party went sky rocket! We thank George and Nikos for everything you did for us!
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-17
    Thodoris Diodoro (Momix Mollecular Bar owner )
    I also want to thank you for your impeccable services at our Wedding at the Lolo Multipurpose. With all the awareness of the importance of a Wedding Day advice, I would not recommend anything mediocre to any couple who has anxiety about organizing her marriage. • We returned home at 9:30! • music was fantastic! (We explained about our tastes and our geographical roots and left it on the djs group) • sound quality flawless • the perfect lighting (according to the video team gave us another perspective on the video) I hope this sweet taste is left to every new couple and not just a party!
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-16
    KATHY HATZIPETROS (Wedding planner Naxos island )
    Unbelievable Wedding Dj! So happy to have the opportunity to have collaborated with Dj George!!!! Highly recommend for wedding, parties & events!!!!!!!
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-15
    If you do not have DJ George in your marriage, do not get married !! A terrific professional with unique contact with the world who knows how to create a party! George thank you very much ❤️ MaYia
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-14
    Dj Giorgio is the Boss! The party went train to 6+ Lights, Fireworks, LOVE *, sound all flawless. It covered even our most demanding guests. Thank you George!
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-12
    At the most beautiful celebration of our life the music was named George Missirlis. an incredible professional but also a friend. Gogarra thank you, appointment in the winter ....
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-11
    Giorgio and his amazing team went above and beyond for our wedding! We cannot thank you enough for the effort you put into making our wedding so perfect that it felt like we were living a dream! We not only created amazing memories but have gained a life long friend! All our love, The Papachristous xx
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-10
    MANOLIA MICHALOPOULOU Thanks for the lighting, the phial and the light letters that filled our color and atmosphere with our wedding! We strongly recommend them !!! The music blow the rhythm of the party. Everything was done as we had arranged!
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-9
    Tested twice .. wedding and baptism ... and the result was extremely professional !!! Basically from the first meeting you will have with him ... you realize that it's a very Pro ... !!! Best Wishes to you George ...
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-8
    Excellent lights & DJ! Thank you so much!
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-7
    Fantastic dj and great are simply the Best.Thank you very much for everything!
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-6
    Fantastic DJ and even more fantastic kid! From the first meeting, you feel like organizing a wedding party with your partner! He ran until the last second to satisfy us and did a lot of things we had asked him to do! We go for an anniversary party now! (The-bride-who hate-dancing-but-in-the-wedding-not-stopped-dancing!)
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-5
    George and his team made our wedding party unforgetable! They ran the pre-wedding party a day before our wedding and i will not forget a friend of mine telling me "your party rocks!! What will happen tomorrow??" And it happened! An amazing party! The impressive fireworks and the music created an astonishing energy on the dance floor. The dancefloor was full of people until the early hours of the morning as we were dancing with our loved ones with so much fan! It was the party of our life!
  • dj-wedding-photo-comment-1
    You easily took our wedding way higher than our expectations…he created a sensational atmosphere…in the most beautiful day of our lives!! (If only we could marry again, just to live again the great party you planned!

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